Max Burton is well known in the haunt community as "Bad Santa". Halloween has been a big part of his life and he loves to share it with those around him. Having been involved with several of the top haunts around the Salt Lake Valley, Max now brings his experience of how to scare and make a successful haunt to his neighborhood where everyone can enjoy being scared and do it for a good cause.

In 2010 his daughter talked him into setting up a small haunt in her yard. Little did he know the great reception it would get. Kids loved it and parents were glad to have a haunt they could take their little ones through with out having to pay a ton of money for them.

The next year Max bought a house, across the street from his daughter, so he could do a larger haunt. With his own place to do it, he was able to expand the haunt to 3000 sq. ft. and gave it the name "Scared Haunt". As he started to build the walls for the haunt he encountered some resistance from Midvale City and they shut him down. Word got out and the community rallied around him. Neighbors started calling the news stations and Fox 13 News picked up the story. After their broadcast, Midvale backed down and allowed him to continue with building the haunt. The cost of admission was free and he only asked that people donate a can of food to the food bank and/or animal shelter. That year the haunt was a great success and it started bringing the neigborhood closer together.

This year the haunt is nearly doubling in size and, with little resistance from Midvale, is going forward to be even better than last year. If you went through the "Scared Haunt" last year and you think you know what to expect, then guess again! There are more rooms than last year and new themes with lots of exciting scares around each corner. New props have been brought in and Max is using the combined knowlege of his years of haunt experience and the experience from his friends and neighbors to take this years haunt to the next level.

Being a neighbor of Max's, Spencer Mears saw they both had a love of Halloween and finding new and exciting ways of scaring/entertaining their neighbors. As he got involved with the neighborhood haunt in 2011, their friendship quickly grew and they both wanted to do more to give back to and improve their community.

Being involved with Scared Haunt, Spencer has gained a greater appreciation of the love that his community has for those around them and how supportive they have been as he and Max work toward building the community and doing what they can to help those who need it.

Seeing the need for building their community, working with the haunt has helped Spencer and his family to reach out to their neigbors and they now host annual block parties as a way for the neighbors to get to know each other better and build those relationships.

As someone who has spent his life playing with electronics and computers, Spencer quickly saw many ways that he could use his experience with Control4 home automation to improve the haunt and make it more exciting and easier to manage. He operates as the behind the scenes puppeteer orchestrating lighting, sound effects, prop control and security.

When he's not playing with the haunt, he and his family run and love to spend thier time going around Utah and exploring all that Utah has to offer. Some of their favorite things to do are hiking through slot canyons like Little Wild Horse Canyon, river rafting on the Green River, exploring ghost towns and learning the history of Utah through old indian ruins and rock art and checking out museums.

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